Divorce / Child Custody

Navigating a divorce or child custody battle can be emotionally draining and complex. At Eyetech Investigations, we understand your challenges and are here to help you uncover the truth with our professional and confidential investigative services.


Uncertainties are part of any relationship, but sometimes lingering doubts can cast a shadow. At Eyetech Investigations we offer discrete and professional relationship verification investigations to help you gain insight and peace of mind.


If you suspect your ex-partner may be cohabitating with someone else, our confidential cohabitation investigation services can provide the clarity you need.

Background Checks

Whether you're making a critical business decision, hiring a nanny for your child, or simply seeking peace of mind in a personal relationship, Eyetech Investigation's comprehensive background checks provide the insights you need to make informed choices with confidence.

GPS Tracking

Eyetech Investigations offers unwavering precision through cutting-edge GPS tracking solutions. Whether you're a concerned parent, a vigilant business owner, or simply seeking peace of mind, our discreet and reliable services empower you with real-time insights and actionable evidence.


Uncovering the truth often requires careful observation and intelligence gathering. At Eyetech Investigations, we offer discreet and ethical investigative solutions that provide valuable insights without infringing on personal privacy.


The truth often hides within walls of encrypted messages, veiled phone calls, and hidden online trails. At We unlock the secrets embedded in communication, empowering you with Communication Intelligence (COMINT) solutions that bring clarity to complex situations.

Finance & Asset Intel

At Eyetech Investigations, we are your expert guides, wielding a comprehensive suite of Corporate Intelligence Investigation services to empower you with actionable insights and a decisive edge.

Corporate Intel

Eyetech Investigation's dedicated Finance and asset Intelligence services highlight hidden transactions, concealed assets, and complex financial machinations, empowering you with actionable insights and unwavering clarity.

Data/Digital Forensics

Our highly skilled Data and Digital Forensics team unlocks the secrets hidden within data, providing you with clear and actionable insights from even the most fragmented evidence.


When facing the complexities of the legal system, you need clarity and confidence. Eyetech Investigations offers comprehensive and discreet Criminal Defense Investigations tailored to empower your defense with actionable insights.


In the intricate legal dance, ensuring proper document delivery is crucial. At Eyetech Investigations, we are your steadfast Process Serving partners, guaranteeing reliable and efficient delivery of legal documents, no matter the challenge.


In today's world, even the sturdiest walls may harbor hidden weaknesses. At Eyetech Investigations we shine a light on the shadows with our comprehensive Physical Security PenTesting services, simulating real-world scenarios to expose vulnerabilities and empower you to strengthen your defenses.

Workers Comp CASES

Facing a work-related injury can be overwhelming. At Eyetech Investigations, we understand the challenges you're navigating and offer comprehensive support designed to empower you with clarity and confidence throughout your workers' compensation case.


When a seemingly innocent slip casts a shadow of doubt, Eyetech Investigations shines a light on deception. We offer comprehensive investigative services to unmask fraudulent slip & fall claims, protecting businesses and insurance companies from costly losses.


When whispers of employee misconduct turn into troubling suspicions, Eyetech Investigations shines a light on the truth. We offer comprehensive investigative services designed to uncover employee dishonesty and empower you to confidently make informed decisions.


When someone disappears, leaving a trail of unanswered questions and unfulfilled obligations, Eyetech Investigations steps in. We are your relentless finders, wielding expert techniques and a global network to track down missing individuals for any legitimate purpose.


When whispers become evidence, Eyetech Investigations sculpts the truth. We are your master storytellers, wielding expert interview techniques to unlock the power of witness testimonies and empower your case with clarity and confidence.

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